My name is Asterope.

I'm a star, and the Guardian of Wishes!

I get my strength from the children of the world who send me their wishes. I thrive when people put their hopes and dreams in my care, and will do anything in my power to make their wishes come true.

M!Anon: none

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wishful thinking
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★ You know what a really underrated ship is?

Cyborg and Raven.

I’m watching the ‘first’ episode, where they first all team up. When Raven hesitates, he stops, and makes a point to ask why she felt she needed to be alone, and throughout the whole series he’s always making sure she knows that she’s cared for.

I mean, yes there are some episodes with BB as well, but those are like the show is intentionally making you wanna ship them, while Cyborg is constantly there for her.

Not to mention, she opens up to him more often than others, willingly. Not some magic or situation that throws people in her mind.

I just.

I dunno.