My name is Asterope.

I'm a star, and the Guardian of Wishes!

I get my strength from the children of the world who send me their wishes. I thrive when people put their hopes and dreams in my care, and will do anything in my power to make their wishes come true.

M!Anon: none

/Independent RoTG OC RP/
wishful thinking
small star fallen
Greaser AU II Aster and Pitch

Aster shivered from the store’s air conditioner, pulling her hoodie tighter around her herself. The manager liked to keep the machines running on over time, so even on the hottest days it was chilly in here. Not to mention sometimes the lights were too bright, washing the place out. All in all, it was hardly a class act. Oh well, they had a good selection of candy bars, and as a 17 year old girl, this was all she really wanted from the place anyway.